• Rhonda Sheppard

Spring is in the air and so is love!

These past few weeks, nature has really been showing off with the display of the early blooms especially the Dogwood Trees. Jim and I both have paid especially close attention to how spectacular these blooms have been this year and it seems as though they have lasted a lot longer than previous seasons. Maybe Mother Nature recognizes we all need some encouragement these days.

We spent the day yesterday working at Waters Mill on the grounds. I must say she is beautiful this spring. The Wisteria is drippy with pure white blooms and the Irises are popping with color. I just love Waters Mill this time of year. Spring is one of my favorite times for weddings at Waters Mill.

Waters Mill provides the perfect backdrop for weddings During the COVID 19 crisis, Waters Mill will be offering a small gathering package. This is the perfect package for the bridal couple that wants to share this day with their closest family and friends while protecting their loved ones from exposure to the Coronavirus. At Waters Mill, we have WIFI available for those tech-savvy couples that want to share the day with their family and friends via zoom or facetime. Visit services on our website for more information about our small gathering packages.

Happy Weddings!

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