• Rhonda Sheppard

Let's Get Back To Making Dreams Come True

Since March 13th, our lives have been engulfed by the constant reports of the COVID19 virus. It has affected all our lives and to be quite honest, I'm tired of it. As an empath, this has been a difficult season for me because when you celebrate, I celebrate. When you hurt, I hurt. The last 4 weeks, we have experiecned a lot of hurt. Well for just a moment, I want to go back to making dreams come true. Let's forget about the fact that my roots are 3 inches long and my eyebrows have taken a life all of its own. Let's forget about the virus for one moment. I'm ready to move forward to press ahead. When I was in college formely known as North Georgia College, I was a Kappa Delta. Life would get busy during RUSH and our advisors would encourage us by reminding us to "pull up our bootstraps". Well.....let's pull up our bootstraps and move forward. I want to invite you to dream with me again and plan those dream weddings. Life goes on and part of living is celebrating. So let's celebrate. Join me for a moment. Let's dream together and make some wedding boards for those future weddings.

I found some really cool wedding cakes today on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you. Marie-Antoinette, the queen of France during the French Revolution, told the starving peasants, "Let Them Eat Cake". Everybody loves cake. Let's be honest, the cake cutting is the most anticipated aspect of the reception. Your guests can't wait to get a slice of the confectionary artistry and begin critiquing the cake texture, the flavors and yes the design. The wedding cake has to be more than just pleasant to the eye. It must have a "melt in your mouth" texture and flavors that excite your sweet palete. However, we eat with our eyes first. At Waters Mill, we always had a special location for the cake because it truly was the showstopper...the center of attention. Take a look at some of these cakes. They remind me of paintings from perhaps the impressionism period.

Be creative with your cakes but most importantly, the cake needs to reflect the bridal couples personality. Happy Dreaming. Let's Eat Cake!

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