Waters Mill

Waters Mill was repurposed with Weddings in mind in October 2006.  What once was the  grandparents home, became a dream come true as the owners transformed a farmhouse into a stunning, award winning Wedding & Special Events facility.  Waters Mill welcomes the bridal couple that want to design their own wedding and bringing in their own vendors.  You provide the vendors and we provide an incredible blank canvas for you to execute an event filled with picturesque memories.

Schedule a visit and experience Waters Mill and all her beauty.  


At WATERS MILL, you can bring your wedding and special event ideas to fruition. Our picturesque Wedding Venue offers everything you can dream of to ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests. Ever since we were established in 2006,  our celebrations have been the talk of the town.  Book today and experience the magic at WATERS MILL. 

The Small Details